Rutgers Business School’s Mini-MBA Social Media Marketing program is amazing!

I am about half way through completing my first Mini-MBA with Rutgers Business School in Social Media Marketing! I hope to be able to complete the next Mini-MBA I have in my sights as well: Digital Marketing.

I’ve been thrown a few curve balls since beginning this course…

Strike 1. My dad presented with a non-STEMI heart attack at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak the week the class began.
WTF. Instant replay of last November. Scar tissue  had built up in his arteries from multiple stents, causing the heart attack. The only treatment was radiation therapy. They only perform these treatments 2 days a week on Wednesdays and Thursdays and they only have about 2 spots each day. Thankfully it was Monday when we found out. Being the only family member that wasn’t sick, I had to drive back and forth to Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, MI, an hour drive, everyday, for over a week. This put a real kink in my plans of getting started on my program early, but, I had to do it. I had to be there for my dad.

It was extremely difficult since he suffers from vascular dementia on top of his multiple ailments. His mental faculties declined the longer he was in the hospital and began experiencing severe changes in his mental state. This gave way to extremely vivid dreams that he incessantly believed were true—being kidnapped, present at parties, etc., leading the nurses to turn on his bed alarm since he was trying to escape his “kidnappers” as well as get out of bed to do whatever he wanted when he wasn’t supposed to. I felt awful for the amazing nurses that tried their best to help him through his issues, but they have their limits, too. I was there as much as I could be, acting as my mother, his daughter, and mental navigator to help keep him grounded and to alleviate some of the strain he put the staff under. You can’t unsee or undo the things I had to endure. Not only did I have to take care of my dad, I also had to take care of my mom since my brother was ill as well. Just. My. Luck.

Strike 2. My parents sold their house.
Several months earlier, my parents (really my dad) decided it was paramount they build a smaller house to help off-set the costs of having a large utilities bill. My mother retired as a Registered Nurse only a year earlier and their income dwindled significantly. My dad became obsessed with this idea of building smaller. So, after many hiring and firing of builders and battles with the city on permits and perk tests, they are ready to break ground. Hooray! The only problem is they already sold their house. They are technically homeless. So, because of both my parent’s genetic anomalies that severely compromises their collective health, I have had to step in and pack, and pack, and pack, and pack just about everything in their house up for them. My mom was instructed to stay off her feet because of cellulitis brought on by having a suppressed immune system caused by the medication she takes for Lupus Sjogren’s. Plus, she fractured 2 vertebrae trying to make it to the bathroom but fell because she was severely ill with a UTI, caused, again, by her suppressed immune system, which went undetected because she is asymptomatic when it comes to those. Plus, my dad is now severely physically compromised because of his heart and is unable to perform many labor-intense tasks. Not for lack of trying, mind you. His whole life, and the beginning of mine was forged on his hard work and dedication to anything he set his mind to. We have to tell him to relax and not do anything ALL. THE. TIME. But, that is near impossible. I’ve threatened him with duct tape a few times… This, coupled with an inner ear infection, makes him, for lack of a better or nicer term, useless. They will be moving in with us at the end of the week.

Strike 3. I met Karolyn Grimes.
Go ahead, look her up… I had a large, 3-day vending event in Novi, MI that was a 45 minute drive one-way to sell my jewelry. I started this business for fun, but it has become an extra source of income since my husband changed jobs for a “quality of life” raise. He was working too much and too hard and way too depressed for a major snack-food company. I won’t name names, but it rhymes with Neato-Hay… If you weren’t working 50+ hours a week, your boss had to have a “why aren’t you working harder” discussion with you. Great money, but, not worth seeing him severely depressed everyday. So, we had a major dip in our income. Thankfully, (shameless plug here) I got talent coming out the wazoo and I started my own business desgining and selling steampunk jewelry! It helps, but it doesn’t pay the bills just yet. Someday…. This type of business means I have to put in a lot of extra effort to get that little bit of extra to help us out with the big bills, like, my dog needs surgery on her elbow type stuff.

Needless to say, I am a little behind. But, I hope to really pull it together in the next week and try to ramp up the learning! It is the best, most informative course I have had in a very long time! All the instructors are extremely knowledgable and have so much great advice that my head may explode by the end. We’ll see. I’ve got some tape lying around here to put it back together if it does.


I also suffer from degenerative disc disease, primary generalized osteoarthritis, thyroid disease, mitral valve prolapse, carpal tunnel syndrome, anxiety, depression, and Pure O obsessive compulsive disorder with a little compulsion. Lovely to meet you.


Yours truly,

Ginger Bot a.k.a. Heather Wright

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