The Origins: Scared Crow Steamworks and the Road Less Travelled

With an extensive background in design, Heather Wright has been handcrafting projects most of her life with a focus on journals in early 2007. Parched for change, she began making jewelry in early 2014 with simple ideas that grew into more elaborate designs incorporating her love for the Steampunk genre, nautical themes, and horror. In turn, she had developed a trademark style as a jewelry architect, always challenging herself to build each piece more unique than the last. This creative culmination and peaked public interest in her hometown of Flint, Michigan, led her to develop her newfound passion into a business. Thus, Scared Crow Steamworks was born.

  • Spirit animal: cephalopods
  • Inspiration: history and antiques
  • Favorite fictional character: Bender B. Rodriguez
  • Favorite creative mind: Tim Burton

Scared Crow Steamworks recycles antique pocket watch parts, watch parts, and clock parts, incorporating them with modern elements, semi-precious stones, and a splash of edgy into their accessories. Each piece is absolutely unique, ensuring each outfit to be as exceptional as the next. Quality, attention to detail, and accountability are very important to their overall business model.

Scared Crow Steamworks


Our brand

Ideas and concepts

Delivering the most original concepts to properly accentuate any outfit.

quality workmanship

We make sure every piece is functional before we put a price tag on it.

one-year warranty

We give you one year to make sure your purchase will stand up to regular wear.

No 2 are alike

To help celebrate your individuality, we never make 2 pieces that are alike.

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